Mentor today!

Build strong relationships, build strong communities

Why mentor?

  1. There are many young people in the Multnomah county area in need of mentors.
  2. You can help inspire the next leaders, and to gain your own leadership skills.
  3. The relationship gained by mentor and mentee is deeply valuable.
  4. Dignity is not given, dignity is affirmed. Affirm our Youth’s dignity through consistent relationship.
  5. Mentorship is for everyone-yes…YOU!
  6. Mentorship builds community.
  7. Mentorship is preventative, much of our community is underserved, be a part of that change.
  8. These and many more reasons…


Be an asset to our youth and our communities- support Youth success as they define it. 

A little snippet about mentoring with us: Family of Friends Mentoring is a program in East county matching youth ages 6-12 with mentors in the area. The mentors are asked to invest an hour a week of their time for a year. This time can be spent doing a various activities.  We like to match our mentors with Youth that share similar interests. So, if you like hiking, for example we would ideally match you with Youth that also likes hiking. What we have found though, is it’s about the relationship, not the activity. Most mentors and mentees say the mundane days of folding laundry or cooking dinner together are the most memorable. We do provide stipends for activities that may cost money, and we have fully funded (really fun) monthly match activities you can participate in. We are with you every step of the way! We start with a phone call, application, orientation and then training that comes with a handbook. We will do frequent check-ins and support throughout your relationship with your matched youth. More information at our next orientation!

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See these two articles on why mentorship is so important:

A short video on “The Ripple Effect of Mentoring”

If you are interested in mentoring youth ages 6-12 please fill out this form and one of our staff will contact you within 1-2 business days to share about the process of becoming a mentor.

We look forward to hearing from you!